Increase Your Home Value With An Ugraded Garage Door

Did you know that realtors estimate that upgrading your garage door can help to increase your home’s value by up to 4%!? And another 70% of realtors strongly believe that a new or upgraded garage door can help to sell your home faster! In fact, your garage door is a huge part of the overall appearance & curb appeal of your home. With newer garage doors offering more modern & fashionable features, you can change the entire look of your home by installing a new door. 

One of the best ways to explore your options when it comes to new garage door installation or garage door repair is to work with a reputable & professional company like Garage door repair & installation experts can help to guide you through the process of finding the door that best compliments your home, while also helping to ensure your new garage door is installed safely & efficiently. Installing a new door or upgrading your existing garage door doesn’t only help to upgrade the appearance of your home, it also helps to improve energy efficiency. Why?  Because a lot of newer garage doors on the market are made from higher quality materials and insulation than they were in past years. New doors with more modern materials & features also can help significantly with air transfer control. What other benefits come with upgrading your garage door?

Benefits of A New Garage Door

Better Security – with a new garage door you often gain a lot more security than you had with your older door. Older doors are easily manipulated by intruders due to older motors. Newer doors also tend to offer a more secure & upgraded locking system than older doors.

Upgraded Safety Features- your garage door safety features are upgraded with newer doors because newer doors offer more modern technology. Photo-eye sensors and automatic reverse systems help to make sure that your garage door never comes down on anyone, your vehicle, or other objects.

Overall upgrading your garage door is beneficial in so many ways. From curb appeal & updating your home’s overall appearance to becoming more energy-efficient, ensuring more security for your family & your belongings, to promoting efficiency and functionality, upgrading your garage door is a sound investment with a great ROI. Remember it is extremely important that you work with knowledgeable, & trustworthy garage door experts when looking to purchase & install a new garage door. Establishing a relationship with a reputable garage door repair & installation Company like Parker Garage Doors Lake Havasu will ensure that should you ever have any issues with your new door or are in need of garage door maintenance you will always have a trustworthy expert to call.