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Landscape Design & Increased Property Value

When it comes to selling your home there are many factors that contribute to its overall value & potential profitability. That being said one very important factor when it comes to selling your home is landscape design. In fact, your properties landscaping can help add to or lower the value of your home!

Properties that are well landscaped have a significant price advantage over those that have no landscaping. In fact, the price increase is anywhere between 5% and 13% and when incorporating landscaping into your property you not only add overall value to your home, you add it immediately. And the value only continues to increase as the years go by! Blue Star Irrigation & Landscape, a landscape design & maintenance company based in Prescott, Arizona, notes that while landscaping is indeed important when it comes to adding value to your home it also needs to be done in a professional, clean & organized way. The types of trees and plants you decide to incorporate should work well with one another and fit your property as they grow & mature. Working with a professional landscape company is highly suggested but should you opt for a DIY project there are a few key factors to keep in mind.

How To Gauge The Market From A Seller’s Perspective

You are looking at potentially selling a property but want to make sure you have a correct read on the market. One of the most common questions from those looking to sell their property is, How do you gauge the market from a seller’s perspective? Keeping in mind a couple of key pointers and bits of knowledge can help you to correctly gauge the market from a seller’s perspective making sure that you get the best price for your property and offering the best ROI.

Before Listing Your Property For Sale…

First and foremost this should go without saying, before listing your property you should always evaluate the market. This will give you an idea of the possible length of the sale and also help you to pinpoint competitive list prices so that you are able to gain a better return on investment.  The National Association of Realtors publishes a trends report every month that by selecting the city of choice you are able to view 1. The median age of homes on the market 2. The number of homes for sale  & the average price in that specific area. Also taking a look at the comparable homes in your area, and what they sold for can really help you to gain a better understanding of the current market & the kind of competition you are up against.

It is also important to keep in mind that the real estate market undergoes many fluctuations throughout the year so monitoring the market consistently is your best bet. It also thrives on both micro and macro-economic factors and though it might seem like a tedious and time-consuming job it can be well worth it when you finally close the sale of your property.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is that roads, bridges, schools, and any new infrastructure development in the area, hospitals, supermarkets, public facilities, etc. all will aid in igniting market growth. Sometimes being patient is the best way to go when it comes to both buying and selling real estate.



Commercial Property Investing-Is It Right For You?

Commercial real estate encompasses retail, office, industrial, warehouses, and mixed-use apartment buildings. Investing in commercial real estate can create a number of advantages & potential benefits when it is understood and done right.  One of the most important things to do before making any real estate investment decisions is to really do your due diligence to make sure the type of property you look to invest in aligns with your investment strategy.

Determining Your Investment Strategy

Cash Flow- Knowing what you need/want in terms of cash flow is very important. Are you able to carry property with higher cash flow but more risks or do you prefer low cash flow with more of a safety net? Which of these options is better for you & will make you most comfortable when investing?

Value Add On’s- Are you looking to purchase a property that is a “value add-on” property (a property that needs work). Whether it’s a complete renovation, deferred maintenance, or exterior landscape improvements you need to have an active strategy because there are a lot of moving parts. It is also a good idea to have a solid trustworthy local team in place when investing in add-on properties.

Holding Time- Also, another factor to consider when looking to invest in value add-on properties is hold time. Most value properties have a hold time of 1 to 3 years. Cash Flow properties on the other hand can be used to generate income for your next investment.

When investing in commercial real estate properties it is a good idea to invest in properties in “high appreciation” areas. Holding on to these properties also creates an opportunity when the market increases and you are able to raise rents respectfully. Also, take note to further investigate commercial property finance rates. Knowing all of the details before you look to invest ensures that you have thoroughly assessed your investment and investment strategy.


COVID-19 and its Impact on the Property Market


The impact of a global pandemic can never be limited to a small extent as markets from all around the world are feeling the brunt. With rising prices and the wide nature of unemployment, things seem to be heading in the wrong direction. The same can be felt when you look into the property markets as the situation is not what any of us expected it to be. But that does not mean we give up and pack our bags. The best form of defence comes when we understand the impact and move ahead to implement changes. So to get you prepped for the initial part, here’s how COVID-19 is impacting the property market.

Economic Downturn

More Than a Typical Economic Downturn

In terms of assessments, economists and experts were quick to point out that the financial downturn that everyone is facing is quite different from what the world has witnessed. While past events can also be taken into consideration, the scale of damage is a bit different. The best example of the matter comes from the UK, where the Nationwide house price index for May fell to 1.7%. This is the largest decline in 11 years and thus, a serious matter of concern.

If the same line of analysis has to be done with the US, then the immediate problem seems to be unemployment. At a rate of 13.3%, unemployment appears to be sky-high. Since the impact of the same can be felt in all sectors, the financial market is also included in the list. But in terms of the extent of damage, the problem moves ahead to lie with landlords and banks. As house prices are rising, these two aspects or areas tend to be the most affected.

Housing Market

The Housing Market and the Office Property Market

A significant difference that the pandemic is bringing tends to come from the housing market and the office property market. Thanks to the need of the hour, people with jobs are being told to work from home as quarantine, and social distancing measures go ahead to be the top responses until a vaccine comes into the picture. Due to that, the demand for the housing market tends to be alive.

But the same cannot be told for the property market. People are trying to adapt to the current measures by making their home to be the work destination for all the right reasons. But that does not hint towards a state where things will only head to negative points. The aspect of bouncing back will always be a part of the picture as long as vaccine trials are being conducted. Hence, sit along with the vital sign of hope as things might change in the future.


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